CABSTONE 12V USB Car Charger x 2 USB outlets (2100 mA)





Cabstone High Power small sized dual-USB Charger adaptor
Now with 2.1A charging current:
supports Apple iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab and others.

This special small-sized charging adaptor can fit
easily into the console of your car & safely plugged
into the car lighter socket. With the special design
on the opening bow, you can unplug the adaptor

The USB car adapter is the smallest existing design
on the car accessories market. It is the result of high
electronic integration and new mechanical design
focusing aesthetic needs for today's automotive

It is possible to charge mobilephones,
MP3-players, PDA if they can be charged by
an USB port. Obviously you can charge also other
devices if they have a USB-port.

- USB in-car charging function by 12-24V

- DUAL USB Port (2x USB Port)
- debitable up to 1,2A (for iPad, Galaxy Tab etc.)
- Easy pull out bow
- reversible protection unit / electrical fuse

Input voltage 12-24 V AC
Output voltage 5 V DC
Max. current 2100 mA
Lenght 42 cm
Diameter 32 mm
Lenght 50 mm
Color black
Weight 15 g


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