Sales terms


General terms
Isolda only sells to retailers. To become a customer of Isolda your company is required to have a retailing operation and a properly functioning business. You can apply to become a retailer by clicking on the liink Retailer application or by contacting Isolda by telephone +46(0)10-709 99 00. 

All prices are excluding VAT. We make reservations for any price changes as well as currency adjustments from our suppliers. Up to the day of delivery Isolda is entitled, without prior notice, to change the prices due to changes in suppliers' prices, currency rates and other circumstances that are outside Isolda's control. 

We deliver using the Swedish Postal Service's Business Parcel Service. Delivery, from Isolda's warehouse in Jönköping, takes within 2 days as we receive your order. Orders can be placed until noon. 17:00 Monday - Friday.

Delivery terms
Orders are usually delivered 'ex Isolda's warehouse Jönköping' with the Swedish Post's Business Parcel Service (Posten Företagspaket) 16.00. Isolda do not give compensation for late deliveries.

Carriage is debited according to current agreement with Isolda. Agreements always apply to full delivery. 

Direct deliveries
Isolda can deliver direct to your end customer. Carriage is added in accordance with the current direct delivery agreement with Isolda. Your company's logo and address details are used on the delivery note and are also used as the sender on the package. This service can save you a lot of time and money. It is important that when using direct delivery you provide us with a correct delivery address and postcode. Remember that the postcode to your company is differentiated between the box address and the street address (the delivery address). Always put special orders in separate orders and select full delivery as delivery terms. Note that extra carriage is added for special orders. 

Special orders
Special orders are items that Isolda does not normally stock. Delivery can therefore take a very long time (up to 8 weeks).
Special rules apply to special orders: Special orders are always registrated automaticly in Isolda's business system, as a separate order for complete delivery. If your order contains items that are both in stock and on reservation, then two separate orders will be created and two order confirmations will be sent to you. Notice that this also apply with direct deliveries to your customers. This means that you will be charged at a maximum of one freight per order according to your freight agreement with Isolda.

For special orders, special conditions apply:
1. Order cannot be cancelled
2. Not returnable
3. Extra carriage is added if you request partial delivery
4. From 04-11-18, special orders are always put on a separate order for complete delivery 

Payment terms
Application for credit is made in conjunction with the retailer application and is processd by Isolda's credit department. If you are approved as a credit customer, payment terms for invoices are normally 30 days net. Isolda reserves the right to at any time, and without prior notice, change the credit limit. Payment should reach Isolda on the date indicated on the invoice at the latest. Isolda has the right to charge a penalty on overdue payment, along with interest, as well as, where applicable, a fee for debt collection and court injunctions for payment.

Returns policy

Note that for all types of returns to Isolda, an issued return document is required, attached to the return. For fastest processing do you use our return application on the webshop. 
You can also email your return request to .
as well as request via fax +46 300-51574 or by phone +46 300-51578. State the product's item number as well as description of fault and the matter will be swiftly dealt with. Active return issue is valid for 30 days.

CLAIMS (faulty product)
1. The address to which you should send the return is on the returns form.
2. The returns form must accompany the return to Isolda. 
3. Enclose examples of printouts whenever necessary. 
4. Enclose copy of invoice. 
5. Carriage to Isolda will be paid by the sender. 'Receiver pays' will not be accepted. Carriage of up to SEK 50:- will be credited for approved returns.

Isolda processes refund claims as quickly as possible. If the claim regards a consumable product such as ink cartridges or toner cassettes, we weigh the product to ensure that it has not been substantially used. If the product does not produce acceptable printouts, the enclosed printout copies are inspected. 

1. To be approved, the return must reach Isolda 30 days at the latest after our invoice date.
2. Always enclose copies of invoices.
3. The product must be completely unused and returned in intact original packaging, free of dirt, damage and all forms of marking. Use outer packaging to ensure that the return arrives in acceptable condition. 
4. In cases of misordering by the customer carriage will not be credited. Receiver pays will not be accepted.
5. In cases of misordering by the customer 90% of the price will be credited.
6. The returns form issued by Isolda must aways accompany the return.
7. The returns form gives the address to which you should send the returnl.
8. Special orders are non-returnable.

For returns to our warehouse in Jönköping, only packages that are delivered direct are accepted, i.e. not packages sent second class that have to be collected from the post office.

Tfn. +46(0)300-515 78 

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