Our goal is for society not just to talk about wireless charging, but to use it each day. We are seeking a social revolution around this phenomenon and want to lead it. Contributing to technological improvements, facilitating people’s day-to-day and well-being, placing top quality products within everyone’s reach.

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Product Availability
MINIBATT PowerPAD Brown Mouse pad with a Qi wireless charger
MINIBATT AC Adapter Quick Charge 3.0 (15W)
MINIBATT Xslim Batery
MINIBATT MODULAR FAST CHARGE 10W Extendable Qi (up to 3 charger)
MINIBATT PowerDRIVE Fast Car Charger 10W (2 coils)
MINIBATT Fi80 FAST CHARGE 10W Qi Furniture wireless charger
MINIBATT PowerDISTANCE Qi Furniture Qi wireless charg to charge up to distance of 35
MINIBATT PowerAIR FAST CHARGE 15W Two devices Qi wireless charge
MINIBATT Xslim Ultraf charger Wireless Ultrafine Charger
MINIBATT PowerPAD Mouse pad with a Qi wireless charger
MINIBATT FLY FAST CHARGE 10W Backlit Qi wireless charger
MINIBATT Expositor Wireless Svart 40cm
MINIBATT PowerCUP FAST CHARGE 10W Penholder Qi wireless charger
MINIBATT M2 Wireless charger (round)
MINIBATT PhoneBOX FAST CHARGE 10W (3 coils) Universal Qi wireless CAR char
MINIBATT UltraSLIM Fast Qi Charger 10W
MINIBATT iCharge2 FAST CHARGE 10W Wireless charger
MINIBATT M1 Wireless charger (rectangular)
MINIBATT PowerGOO Qi wireless charger (3 coils) + Power bank 6.000 mAh
MINIBATT Adapter Quick Charge 2.0 ( 5V/9V/12V)
MINIBATT PowerRING Universal Qi receiver
MINIBATT PowerCASE IP6 Qi Wireless Receiver case for iPhone 6
MINIBATT PowerCASE IP6+ Qi Wireless Receiver case for iPhone 6+
MINIBATT PowerCASE IP7 Qi Wireless Receiver case for iPhone 7
MINIBATT PowerCASE IP7+ Qi Wireless Receiver case for iPhone 7+
  • Total: 25
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