Why use printing consumables from Isotech?

The Isotech brand stands for a more sustainable option on the market. The products have minimal impact on the environment and are also a cost saving alternative. The Isotech brand exists as recycled laser toner cartridges and as compatible inks where most of the material is also recycled.

The Isotech brand offer alternatives to most of the printers on the market and does not affect the warranty on the printer, all our products have two years of warranty from the purchasing date. We demand high quality on all our products and a quality that are in line with the original manufactured product.

We also offer a free use of our recycle system as a part of our sustainability program, you can read more about this on www.returklubben.se.

  • Two years warranty on all products from Isotech
  • Warranty on the printer when you are using Isotech in the printer
  • Over 60 percent of the product range are certified as Nordic Eco Label
  • Free access to the recycle system
  • Large product range for most brands on the market
  • All products are produced according to ISO 14001 and ISO 9001
  • Most of our products are also produced with ISO 18001.
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